This year we have crafted a unique Australian Lager to celebrate our great country. This is a limited release and can only be bought directly from the brewery. This unique Australia Day brew boasts a smooth and refreshing palate and golden presentation to quench a nations' parched answer to "go and get a beer".

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Enjoy this one from us and Happy Australia Day. We also wanted to share a famous poem written by Henry Lawson:


Wide Spaces (Lawson poem)

When my last long-beer has vanished and the truth is left unsaid;

When each sordid care is banished from my chair and from my bed,

And my common people sadly murmur: " 'Arry Lawson dead,"

When the man I was denounces all the things that I was not,

When the true souls stand like granite, while the souls of liars not -

When the quids I gave are counted, and the trays I cadged forgot;

Shall my spirit see the country that it wrote for once again?

Shall it see the old selections, and the common street and lane?

Shall it pass across the Black Soil and across the Red Soil Plain?

Shall it see the gaunt Bushwoman "slave until she's fit to drop",

For the distant trip to Sydney, all depending on the crop?

Or the twinkling legs of kiddies, running to the lollie-shop?

Shall my spirit see the failures battling west and fighting here?

Shall it see the darkened shanty, or the bar-room dull and drear?

Shall it whisper to the landlord to give Bummer Smith a beer?

Will they let me out of Heaven, or Valhalla, on my own -

Or the Social Halls of Hades (where I shall not be alone) -

Just to bring a breath of comfort to the hells that I have known?

Henry Lawson


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