Impress your family and friends with these one liners the next time you're matching beer with food.

“This cheese really brings out the hoppy characters of the beer”

“This stout would be a perfect match with some dark, rich, Belgian chocolate”

“Prosciutto enhances the flavour of a pale ale that displays floral notes”

“This robust Hefeweizen displays complex flavour characters that bring out the hero of this dish”

“This Doppelbock, double barrelled, aged fermented classic is a must with a dish that lives up to the same flavour profiles”

“Pairing cheddar cheese with an Amber Lager reminds me of my trip to Europe”

Try these with your friend and family. If you have any other great one liners send it to Mr Gibbs at

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Food Trucks in Sydney

Food Trucks in Sydney


The Food

I just came across the Nighthawk Diner when they were parked in Sydney's inner city suburb of Glebe. You couldn't go past their Food Truck that looks like a shiny silver bullet on wheels. The whole design of the Food Truck is reminiscent of the 1950-60s caravan.

The food was great. They had on offer:

  • Chicken Burger
  • Cheese Burger
  • Shroom Burger
  • Fries
  • Fries with cheese

I had the Cheese Burger. It was so good. The burger patty was very tasty topped with fresh lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles and their special sauce on a brioche bun. This was complimented by a serving of their fries which were cooked perfectly and seasoned nicely with salt.

The team in the Food Truck were fun and friendly. Overall it was a great experience.

About The Nighthawk Diner

The Nighthawk Diner, was founded by Al and Jim, who are a couple of young chefs with backgrounds in French fine dining. Both of them travelled extensively in North America where they developed a love for American culture and cuisine. Through their creative efforts and love for American dining, The Nighthawks Diner was born. The name, The Nighthawks Diner was inspired by an American oil painting by Edward Hopper named 'Nighthawks'. The painting features a late night downtown American diner.

Where are they next?

 To find out where they are next go to Sydney Food Trucks

Beer Match

This dish would go perfectly with a Gibbs Premium Pale Ale. Our Pale Ale was specifically crafted to match with minced meat dishes like burgers and sausages.

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ACDC matches perfectly with Gibbs Premium Hefeweizen

ACDC matches perfectly with Gibbs Premium Hefeweizen


We're currently sitting in our courtyard on a hot Sunday afternoon drinking our latest batch of Gibbs Premium Hefeweizen. Suddenly we realise that beer isn't enough. So we put on some music and immediately we have a perfect match.

From this we've discovered that our...

Hefeweizen matches well with ACDC.

Listening to Michael Buble whilst drinking our Pale Ale brings his songs to life.

Gibbs Premium Kolsch tastes great with a good love ballad.

Our Ginger Beer matches well with the freshest hits from Triple J.


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Spring Lamb a perfect match with Craft Beer

BBQ Lamb is Good

Australian Lamb this Spring is at it's peak. At this time of year it is definitely worth a trip to your local butcher to bag yourself some beautiful Australian Lamb.

Last week our family did exactly that and grilled up some juicy Lamb Chops on the BBQ. It was a perfect way to round off a great Sunday afternoon.

Cooking Tip

Lamb is such an ideal cut of meat to throw onto the BBQ. We simply marinated the Lamb Chops in good quality olive oil and fresh rosemary from our garden, and topped off the marinate with a good grind of sea salt and black pepper.

Beer Match

Lamb matches beautifully with our Gibbs Premium Pale Ale as it is a smooth beer with a fresh taste. This fresh taste is a great way to welcome Spring and get ready for Summer.

Recipe - Marinated Lamb Chops

Click here for a great recipe for Marinated Lamb Chops


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Pale Ale and Food

Pale Ale - as a beer style was first made in 1703. Before then most beers were dark ales. The use of pale malt gives a Pale Ale the lighter colour we see today. Due to the popularity of the Pale Ale beer style it has flourished and today many brewers use different techniques like varying the hop levels in the brewing process. Doing so changes the taste of the Pale Ale beer.

Food Match - Goes really well with beef burgers or meat pies.

Cheese Match - Well aged cheddar

Our Pale Ale - Our Pale displays confident hop aromas and traditional amber colouring. Smooth mouth textures and pleasantly fruity notes combine to create a balanced short finish.

Click here to find out more

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All our beers have been specifically created to match the wonderful world of food. Our beer list guides you through the tasting notes of each beer style as well as what food it matches perfectly with.


Try this formula for yourself. We even have some suggested recipes on our Facebook page at

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An Australian Endeavour – a Captain, a Goddess, a ship and a brew

An Australian Endeavour – a Captain, a Goddess, a ship and a brew

The humble beer and its shared history with our Great Sothern Continent. On August 26, 1768 Captain James Cook set sail from England aboard the ship Endeavour to chronicle the transit of Venus across the face of the Sun (thirsty work!). The Captain was experimenting with new remedies to combat the voyage-crippling scourge of scurvy. One such remedy was beer – following the Captains belief that it possessed anti-scorbutic (scurvy treatin') properties. 

A Captain’s experiment and a prevailing wind meant that when the Endeavor reached the coast of Australia she was carrying 4 tons of beer in her hold – a moment to cheers if any! Unfortunately for the crew, the Captains belief in the medicinal value of the brew was misplaced…but the 4 ton levy bobbing up and down the eastern shores proved to possess other “therapeutic” qualities. Thankfully, the colonists that followed were able to find other uses for the delicious bevy that had christened our coastline. 

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This year we have crafted a unique Australian Lager to celebrate our great country. This is a limited release and can only be bought directly from the brewery. This unique Australia Day brew boasts a smooth and refreshing palate and golden presentation to quench a nations' parched answer to "go and get a beer".

Click here to purchase a case 

Enjoy this one from us and Happy Australia Day. We also wanted to share a famous poem written by Henry Lawson:


Wide Spaces (Lawson poem)

When my last long-beer has vanished and the truth is left unsaid;

When each sordid care is banished from my chair and from my bed,

And my common people sadly murmur: " 'Arry Lawson dead,"

When the man I was denounces all the things that I was not,

When the true souls stand like granite, while the souls of liars not -

When the quids I gave are counted, and the trays I cadged forgot;

Shall my spirit see the country that it wrote for once again?

Shall it see the old selections, and the common street and lane?

Shall it pass across the Black Soil and across the Red Soil Plain?

Shall it see the gaunt Bushwoman "slave until she's fit to drop",

For the distant trip to Sydney, all depending on the crop?

Or the twinkling legs of kiddies, running to the lollie-shop?

Shall my spirit see the failures battling west and fighting here?

Shall it see the darkened shanty, or the bar-room dull and drear?

Shall it whisper to the landlord to give Bummer Smith a beer?

Will they let me out of Heaven, or Valhalla, on my own -

Or the Social Halls of Hades (where I shall not be alone) -

Just to bring a breath of comfort to the hells that I have known?

Henry Lawson


To find out more about Henry Lawson go to:





The Gibbs Brothers

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Pairing beer with cheese advice

BEER AND CHEESE Pair beer and cheese with similar taste intensities. For example, a blue cheese goes beautifully with Belgian ales or a Brie cheese and it’s creamy texture pairs well with Pale Ales.

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Rule of thumb

RULE OF THUMB The general rule of thumb when pairing beer with food is to match a dish’s flavours with similar beers. For example, a heavy dish should be matched with a strong-flavoured beer like a Belgian Ale.

Beer is a perfect match with spicy foods such as Indian and Thai cuisine. This is because beer has a lower alcohol percentage than wine and spirits. Higher alcohol drinks tend to intensify the spicy dishes, which leave little room to really enjoying the flavour.

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